My name is Deborah and I am a Christian, mother and the founder of Heaven Scent Creations. My interest in soap making began years ago when I came across a blog about a family that made soap. At the time I did lots of research but never actually got around to making soap. Around that same time, a prophecy was spoken over my life that I would start a business. The person actually even gave me $10 to start putting aside funds to start the business. Fast forward a few years, and my life had changed. My mom has passed and I’m trying to juggle the new responsibility of taking care of my dad in addition to my two children, an at times demanding job as a software developer, church ministry responsibilities and maintaining a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In November 2014, within the space of 6 weeks, two different people prophesied over my hands and said t and hat I would start businesses. I was still feeling overwhelmed with all the changes in my lifeI needed an outlet, something I could do just for me so I turned to soap making. I’ve never looked back (or bought a store bought soap since). I loved the fact that I could put exactly what I wanted to into the soap that my family and I use. I loved that I could create an all natural product if I wanted to or get creative with many colors and fragrances and still create a product that is safe for my family to use and way better than anything I could buy in the supermarket. From here my interest grew from soap making to lip balm and lotion bars and other handmade bath and body products.

After experimenting with many formulations and getting lots of feedback from friends and family, I thought it was time to share the benefits of my creations with the world. Heaven Scent Creations was born in April 2014 and our aim is to provide you with luxury handmade bath and body products, that not only cleanse and condition your skin but leave you smelling wonderful. All of our products incorporate natural oils and other natural ingredients carefully chosen for their skin-loving properties. We make it our business to carefully research every fragrance chosen and strictly use body safe and phthalate-free premium fragrances.

We know that you will enjoy our products just as much as we do.