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See below to see some of the ingredients we use to create our wonderful products.

Sweet Almond Oil: A light oil rich in Vitamins A, B, B2 and B6 and is perfect for dry skin conditions; it is particularly useful for the more mature skin type.

Apricot Kernel Oil: This golden oil is rich in Vit A, B and E and is a powerful source of antioxidants particularly suited for nurturing your skin.

Olive Oil: A skin loving oil traditionally used for many centuries for soapmaking and cosmetic use; extremely high in Vitamin E and has the ability to attract moisture to the skin.

Palm Oil: A rich source of Vitamin E and helps to condition the skin and create a harder moisturizing soap.

Coconut Oil: Highly moisturizing oil, excellent for dry, flaky and mature skin. Has powerful antioxidant properties and produces a rich lather for soap.

Cocoa Butter: A natural moisturizer and will soothe and protect your skin. A perfect soure of Vitamin E and has excellent antioxidant properties

Shea Butter: Extremely useful butter that is perfect for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types. A highly moisturizing and helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity

Rice Bran Oil: A lightweight oil crammed full of Vitamins B and E and major antioxidants. Good for mature.

Milk: We use various milks in our soap including buttermilk, coconut milk, and goat’s milk. These are full fat and provide a natural source of protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They boost the moisturizing properties of the soap, create a rich creamy lather and help soothe the skin.

Clays: Many types of clay contain naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, potassium & selenium and help to rebalance various skin types; some clays are more suitable for dry and mature skin, some for oilier skin.

Titanium Dioxide: used in soap and many other cosmetic products as whitener.

Fragrances: We use synthetic fragrances. All of our fragrances are skin safe and Phthalate free.

Essential Oils: Our essential oils are bought locally or otherwise sourced from high quality suppliers.

Mica: Mica allows us to create those fabulous and colorful designs that you see in our products. All of the micas we use are cosmetic grade and are skin safe.

Local Brewery Products: We also make some of our products using our local made beer and stoute.


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